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What this new Button:'Open In Visual Studio' in SQL Azure

Hi Today some English in the Post :-) Yesterday when I logged into the new and the Old Azure Portal I saw a new button 'Open In Visual Studio' under the SQL Database tab: I asked myself - is it related to the new announcement about open source and cross platform of .NET.  So I clicked on the button in both the new and the old portal. I was asked to install update 4 for my VS 2013. After this was installed, I again clicked on the new button - the world did not blow up. It appears that it just opens the "SQL Server Object Explorer" with a regular connection to the DB. I do not think its worthwhile to work with this but then I had a brainwave that now I can do comparisons with my code or with other DBs very quickly. So for now its not so important feature, lets see what they will do with it next time. Pini