SQL Azure Geo Replication

Today i will publish a post of a friend, Yitzchak Wahanon - @YitzWahanon

He wrote this post about Premium Tier, but meanwhile we have non readable replica in Standard Tier too.
Its all of the same but the main change is - that its not readable. Only MSFT will decide if it will be available for us.

This Post include lots of images, its important to understand the Process.


Already have 1 Server, so need to start by creating the database.
Create a new database
Needs to be Premium Edition:

 Create a new server in a different Geo location.

Within the Source database, Click on Geo_Replication: - Click on “Add Replica” at the bottom

Choose Server - obviously in a different location to the source:

 Accept to pay lots of money:

Progress and steps are reported at the bottom of the screen:

 If you connect to the secondary server then you can see that the database is being copied

 Go back to the source and it will show that the geo-replication is active

Now configure IP access to the new server.


Insert a record in the Source and see it almost immediately replicated to the Copy

 Try Inserting into the Copy

 Create another server in another geo location and another replica

In the SQL Databases you now have 

 Try changing the scale of a replica

 Try changing the scale of the master:

Stop the replica on the master

Note the Geo-Replication screen takes time to update.

After you stop geo-replication the Copy database still exists, just marked with “None” in the Replication column. The database is also read/write now