Schema Compare in Visual Studio: SSDT project vs SQL Azure

Hi All
And today  a short post from my friend  Yitzchak Wahnon (@YitzWahnon).
He was asked to deploy a DB into SQL Azure, it was DB that already exists their, and i asked him to deploy the changes, and here is What went through:

"I was having a problem doing schema compare in SSDT in Visual Studio against a SQL Azure DB.
Visual studio threw an unclear error.

In the end with stackoverflow I finally found a hint to the problem:
You SQL Database Azure connection will timeout if you exceed your Database Throughput Unit (DTS) limit. This can easily happen if you are using the Basic Service Tier of the SQL Database on Azure.
The Basic service tier is capped at 5 Database Throughput Units (5 DTUs), so if you have a lot of comparisons, it may exceed the threshold. Try upgrading to Standard service tier of SQL Database, (which has a threshold limit of 10 DTUs), and see if the problem goes away.

In the end this was the problem, originally for this project we had a basic level 5 DTU server for Dev environment. This is a system that has very low performance needs.
I changed the scale to Standard - 10 DTU and the schema compared worked.

In short it looks like Basic 5 DTU is almost worthless in a business environment.
I hope this saves you time in the future.

Yitzchak Wahnon | DBA | eToro