All about Security in SQL Azure DB

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Since this is become more and more important for SQL Azure DB I am writing about 'Security Features in SQL Azure DB'.
I will put everything in a list and links for all features.
1)    Azure SQL Database security guidelines and limitations:
  a) Link:
  b) This link explain about: Firewall, Connection encryption and certificate validation, and some best Practices.
2)    Connecting to SQL Database: Best Practices and Design Guidelines:
  a) Link:
  b) This link bring few other links of the FW issue and connection Ports.
3)    Connecting to SQL Database By Using Azure Active Directory Authentication
  a) Link:
  b) You have in this link few other links of the options to connect to SQL Azure DB :
    i)  With Password Authentication.
    ii) With Integrated Authentication.
    iii)SQL Authentication (
4)    Security Features Within The SQL:
  a) Protect DATA
    i)TDE - Transparent Data Encryption: This is encryption in files level.
    ii)Always Encrypted: & .  This is encryption in filed level.
  b) Control Access:
    i)  Azure Active Directory: 3.a
    ii) Row Level Security: &
    iii)Dynamic Data Masking: .
  c) Monitor Activity:
    i) Auditing: I love this feature….
    ii)Threat Detection:
5) Security Features Within The Portal – RBAC - Role-based Access Control:
    i)We can delete DB's via portal – so we need to understand the concept of RBAC: & look for SQL in
Security Center

Last and not least is the new Security Center. Insert into the Portal and go to the Security Center:
now we can see the wrong configurations for each type : VM's, network and DB
what the suggest now is the auditing and TDE features - if we enabled or disabled them.


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