Back to Basic - create new Azure SQL DB

Hi All

Long time no posts, i have been busy in last few months on a hard day 2 day work and did not 

had the chance to publish some posts.

So i have decided to sit and write some "Back to Basic" posts.

Today i will write about how to create an Azure SQL Db from the portal.

  1. Choose the Subscription.

  2. RG - if its in special Project connect to its RG (Resource group is a virtual collection of resources in order to easy manage budgets.)

  3. DB Name

  4. Server - choose the correct or create one(Server has limited manage capabilities on the DB like security, backup policies and other rules)

  5. Choose no (elastic pool is a feature that will not be explained here)

  6. This is the server tier, means the power of the DB and by pass the payments of the DB (i will have special post on the new tiers options, for this post i will leave the default)

  7. This is the Storage redundancy, for now leave it in the default option.

now we will move to the Networking tab:

8 - 9. Configuration of networking and security is depend on each organization policy, for example if you need private endpoint then you can not configure the whitelist FW rules. But if you want DB with out any security restrictions you can just add your IP and that is all.

Nothing to do here

10 - use what you need

11 - Change to what you prefer

Tags are for better managing.

12 - if all is good you can create the DB, if you gets error you need to go to the relevant error - here its in the basic tab, and to understand the error.

13 - you can create a template for it, and recreate DB from template.

That is all for today