Auto Scaling in ‘etoro’ with Azure

‘etoro’  has some production services on the MSFT cloud- Azure. One of those services is some logs written from Client side. It’s written into service that write it to Q in Azure and then Service from Azure read the Q and insert the data into DB.
From time to time we get picks in the messages – this load cannot handled well with  the service calling from the Q and we need to increase the number of readers from the Q.
So we configured the instances to be scale by schedule.
It means that during week day we will have 4 cores – and during night or weekends we will have only 1 core. As you can see in the picture the auto change in the configuration.



What is really amazing is that we can do it by targets CPU level, Or by numbers of messages in the Q.
It also help in reducing the costs.

This is really easy to configure, very friendly and very important to understand in the world of cloud.



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